Intona 7054X ASIO issue

Using USB isolation for audio
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Intona 7054X ASIO issue

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Hi. New member here, non-tech having issues in Foobar in adding this isolator. I am getting an error message that ASIO is preventing the connection from USB from PC to my Focusrite Clarett DAC. Any advice for my Tech? Thanks, Norm

Daniel (Intona)
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Re: Intona 7054X ASIO issue

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the isolator works transparently and is not aware of any specific protocol such as ASIO.
When your DAC does not enumerate correctly, this is most likely an USB compatibility issue of the device.
In your specific case, this is in fact an issue of the Clarett. We where in tight contact with Focusrite some months ago and we even lend them an isolator and offered support to solve this.
Unfortunately, they could not solve this because it would require hardware changes.

But there is a workaround to make this work. Connect an USB hub between the isolator and the DAC. The hub will cure the protocol violations and transparent isolation with Intona will be possible then.
Daniel (Intona)

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