Compatibility of 7055C

Using USB isolation for audio
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Compatibility of 7055C

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Hi Daniel,

Currently my gear is : PC ->7055C -> IFI Ipurifier ->Accuphase DAC-60
The above connection is OK. The noise almost can be isolated by 7055C. It's perfect to clean background noise from PC.
But the connection will be missing, when the device (liked HUB or ipurifer) is removed between 7055C and DAC.
For improving the compatibility with most AUDIO DAC on the market, is it possible to update the firmware in XILINX FPGA inside 7055C in future?
Thanks in advanced

Daniel (Intona)
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Re: Compatibility of 7055C

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We have already all workarounds implemented that can be done without becoming incompatible to standard devices. These handshake issues with some DACs cannot be fixed without enumaration + extra buffers (like a hub does).
Daniel (Intona)

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